Thursday, November 3, 2016

Touching Base, Part 317

In order to leverage this document for yourself personally or in a group, it will be necessary for you to take notes, even pictures of various PowerPoint slides, in order to capture key quotes in order to reflect on the text.  We encourage you to take notes, develop your own questions and engage with the text as you feed yourself and perhaps those you lead.
6 Nov 16
War and Peace!
Mark Kotchapaw

Series Title: Good News Bad News

Description:  From the moment we wake up to the moment our heads hit the pillow, we can be bombarded with bad news. Social media has made our world a lot smaller and exposed us 24/7 to the constant deluge of bad news. This fall we are starting a study in the book of Romans.  In the first 17 verses Paul talks about the good news, the good news that he will expand upon in his letter to the Romans. Join us as we unpack the good news, are challenged by it and anchored in it.

Text: Romans 5
Question: What do we note about this peace?
Big Idea: The Ultimate Enemy – SIN - was defeated by the Ultimate Soldier that brought mankind Ultimate Peace.

·         Ultimate Peace (v.1-5)

“We are saved by works. They’re just not our works, they’re Christ’s.” Stephen Nicholls.

·         Ultimate Soldier (v.6-11)

Note the condition of the people

Note the actions of the Ultimate Soldier

The texts says that the source of our judgment, God (v.9), is the source and initiator of our ultimate peace, Jesus (v.8).  The offended, God, is the one who deals with the offense at His own expense by sending Jesus the ultimate soldier. That is the wonder and mystery of the Gospel.

·         Ultimate Enemy (v.12-21)

List all the contrasts between the impact of the one act of the Ultimate Soldier and the one act of the ultimate sinner.

Why is it so hard for some to stand (v.2) at peace with God? In other words, what is it about our nature that makes us want to work for His grace instead of trusting in His work that extended grace to us?
Have you ever thought of Jesus as the Ultimate Soldier?  How does this image of Jesus help clarify what Christ has done for us?  Remember 2 Timothy 2:3 talks about us being a good soldier of Christ Jesus.
In talking about Adam as the ultimate sinner (referring to the consequence of his action) what questions do we have about Adam’s sin “infecting” the entire human race? How is this just?  What is the empirical evidence that what Paul is saying is, in fact, true?
How does your reflection on this text encourage you to pray for the city, the nation and the world?

Take some time as a group to remember the many soldiers who have died to bring peace. Also take time to remember the one act of the Ultimate Soldier that has brought us peace with God.

Pray that many would receive this free gift that Paul talks about, and pray for those in the many war-torn areas of our world that they would know the peace of God.

Join us today at 4pm at Bethel Prays.

Mark Kotchapaw

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