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Touching Base, Part 215

TB215 - Constance Lake

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God Listens – Luke 4:18-19
15 September 2013
Fred Grendel

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This Touching Base is a useful tool for small group discussion, personal reflection or in a one-on-one conversation. We believe that if the Sunday teaching is discussed outside of the morning services, it will be an opportunity to go deeper and build healthy community because God's Word needs to be discussed in community.

This past Sunday, our Big Idea was “God Listens.” In this TB I challenge you to do two things: firstly, gather some of your own information using the Internet and follow the instructions below. As you read from these sources, try and listen to the hearts of our First Nations People. Secondly, we ask that you take the information from the service Sunday, from your own fresh research and from the requests we will list for you in this TB and use them to pray for our First Nations People.

A. Gathering Information and Listening to the Hearts of our First Nation People:

I. Google “Constance Lake First Nation” (make sure you look at the links on page 2 as well). What does this teach you about Constance Lake?

II. If you have access to Facebook, go to or search FB for “Constance Lake Classifieds”. Read the “about” and the posts.

III. Go to and take a look around.

IV. Listen to this powerful song. (Language Disclaimer: It is “authentic”).

V. Finally, listen to this fun song. First Nations people, and in this case Native Americans are talented and so much fun to be with!

B. Prayer - God Listens!

I. Pray for the children and youth who just went back to school, that they would have the ability to stay in school and excel in their year.

II. Pray for the young man who received Bethel’s $1000 scholarship. He is taking a year off this year to work.

III. Pray for the teachers and leaders in the education system, for strength, wisdom and guidance.

IV. Pray for Chief and Council - Chief Fred Sackeney is the new Chief. Tracy Thomson’s brother Rick Allan is on Council as is Darius Ferris. Darius is active in the local church.

V. Pray for local church leaders - Pray for Pastor George and Margret, pastors of the Full Gospel Church. Pray for Linda and Ronnie Martin, Harmony and Darryl Wesley, and Steven Martin, all strong Christ Followers of the Full Gospel Church. Pray for Jimmy Sutherland and Stanly Stephens, the Elder leaders of the Anglican Church.

VI. Pray for people to respond to the heart of God. Our First Nations people are very spiritual - pray that they come to know the true Spirit.

VII. Pray against the oppression of drugs. Pray Luke 4:18-19 over the community.

VIII. Pray that the Lord would protect and bless Bethel’s/Day Star’s relationship with CLFN.

IX. Pray for our planned Christmas Trip, December 7th to 14th. Pray that we would receive confirmation about what we should give the children this year.

X. Pray for our summer trip of 2014. There is a new vision brewing that needs clarity.

XI. Pray for the Lord to send full-time workers to Constance Lake, who will go and work for the purpose of God’s kingdom.

XII. Pray for the relationship between the Federal Government and our First Nations People. Pray that the Federal Government and the Harper Administration would give our First Nation People a voice.

Kitchi Migwetch (Cree: A Big Thank You!)

Fred Grendel
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