Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Touching Base! Part 54

Upon Request...

Some have been asking for a list of the names of God we studied over the summer months so here is a quick review.

I want to encourage you to use the names of God as you pray. These names remind us of His character and how we are to respond to Him. One thing I do in my prayer life is speak out a name and then pray in a way that reflects the will of God reflected in the name. For example one day as I was standing in front of the Church looking down Johnson Street I prayed “Today Lord I acknowledge You as Yahweh Sabaoth - the Lord God Almighty. Do a mighty work in and through Bethel that will touch the surrounding community. As Yahweh Sabaoth, come up against any powers that resist greater expressions of your Kingdom work here in downtown Kingston.”

Take the names of God and expand your vocabulary in prayer and worship. Take the names of God and be reminded that the name of the Lord is a strong tower! (Proverbs 18:10)

Abba Father. A name that not only speaks of intimacy, but of obedience and acknowledgment of authority and roles. Read Mark 14:32-36. Jesus used this name when his obedience was being challenged. He uses this name to express His contrition to the will of the Father.

Cornerstone. This is a name of God (Jesus the incarnate Son of God) that reminds us of His authority but also His ability to overcome public polls, waves of resistance and words of put down. Read 1 Peter 2:4-8 and Mark 12:1-12. As we face resistance we know that we have a High Priest who has walked in our shoes.

Yahweh Sabaoth. This is the name David used when coming against Goliath.
Read 1 Sam 17:45-47. It is a name that means all created agencies and forces are under the leadership or dominion of Yahweh, who made and maintains them.

Yahweh Maccaddeshcem. Read Lev 22:32-33. Can you spot the name of God? He is the Lord who makes you holy. The Lord who sanctifies, and sets you apart for a special purpose. God desires to work in you, and through you to shape you and transform you.

Yahweh Rapha. This name originates in Ex 15:22. It means, the Lord our Healer. As we search the Scriptures we understand that the greatest disease He heals is sin. However, he also heals us emotionally, physically, and mentally. There is great mystery in this name but thank God He is the Lord our Healer.

Jehovah Jireh. In Genesis 22 we read of Jehovah Jireh. You can be guaranteed that from this moment on Abraham never forgot Jehovah Jireh his provider.

Yahweh Nissi. This name means the Lord Our Banner and it originates in Ex 17:15. Our lives unfold before the banner of God in which His truth inspires us and directs us as we engage in daily activities. As you read God’s Word what truths, does God want you to see on the banner?

Yahweh Rohi. In Psalm 23 David refers to the Lord as his Shepherd. Yahweh Rohi refers to the shepherd like qualities of God. David points some of them out in this Psalm. David is well acquainted with shepherds seeing he was one before becoming King.


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