Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Touching Base! Part 44

Scar Parties

Being wounded is part of life, right? Wounding others is also part of life. Not only do we sometimes find ourselves on the receiving end, sometimes we are the “bad guy”, the “bully”, the insensitive one. How much “road kill” have you caused by not thinking before speaking, not praying before acting, not processing before approaching? Anyone out there saying, “Not guilty!”? Doubt it… I really, really doubt it. And if in doubt, just look in your rear view mirror and see who is lying in the wake of your path.

Wounds are part of life. Not just wounds to our soul but to our bodies. I heard of an interesting party held once where attendees had to tell the story behind the scar(s) on their body. For me I have a scar on the inside of my wrist that reminds me that several years ago I attempted to use the glass in the glass door instead of the door knob to open the door. The result, a stitched up cut on my wrist and one 8-year-old feeling like a door knob! My other scar is on my bottom lip. It came at the hands of Glen Upton who, during a floor hockey game in grade 9, took a shot and I (pretending to be Börje Salming) took a puck in the mouth. Did he score? Can’t remember! Was I sore? Yes, the stitches reminded me of that!

I am not suggesting anyone have a scar party, but I am saying that (regardless of who you are) we all have wounds of various kinds and we all have wounded people in different ways. From physical wounds to deep wounds not visible to the human eye, we all possess, I am sure, at least one or two. One of the great truths of being a follower of Christ is that as we seek God together and live out His Kingdom truths, we can experience healing, restoration and strength in the areas of our deepest wounds. Some wounds God chooses to heal, others stay with us as a reminder that His grace is sufficient for our weakness. Others go unmentioned! We dare not speak about them to anybody, for fear of what they might think! How unfortunate to be bound by such a lie. God’s Kingdom here on earth means that together we seek the One who knows what it is like to be wounded. Think of the stories Christ would tell at a Scar Party! Hands, feet, head, side - all wounded! However, His wounds were not just physical but deeply embraced His entire being as He took on our sin.

Being part of the body of Christ means following the One who was wounded for us and because of us. Being part of the body of Christ means partnering with others who we may have hurt at times, and for who at times we can be a source of healing as we become wounded healers to each other.


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