Sunday, May 10, 2009

Touching Base! Part 35

Raising The Bar On The Dialogue

Ever notice how our dialogue often reflects the current events of the day? Now that we are into the hockey playoffs, you can hear people talking about who won last nights game, who played well or who stunk the joint out. And no doubt, much dialogue has occurred over the recent global financial crisis. We all have been singed or burned by this global reality.

Our dialogue often reflects what is going on around us and reveals what we are passionate about. For example, the Canadian Opera could play at the K Rock Centre Friday nite but you can be guaranteed that I won’t be initiating too much talk about that. It is just not my passion area. However, hockey and the financial crisis are worth the verbal exchange.

When Jesus departed and was about to send the Holy Spirit, He said to the disciples one word in the Greek language which is two words in the English language which was to shape, prioritize and direct their ministry. It was a powerful statement that was to become their passion and occupy their dialogue as they stood around the water cooler at work. Do you know what that was? “Make disciples” (a “disciple” is a life-long learner who is walking in step with Christ). Clear, easily understood and spoken by the one who modeled that command during His public ministry.

At Bethel, there are many good things we can talk about. It is great that as we build community, and the trust that goes along with it, that we can open up our hearts on a number of issues. However, one of the most important dialogues we can have as a growing community of faith is the “discipleship dialogue”. The big news is that Christ has left us with an incredible challenge and given us the Holy Spirit to transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

So, who are you talking about discipleship with these days? Are you at all concerned with how Bethel is doing in this area? Are lives being transformed at Bethel or do we have a static church of calcified saints? What of Bethel’s ministries do you see as doing a great job in this area? On a personal note, how is your spiritual growth progressing these days? What are the challenge areas? Who is challenging you and causing you to growing?

The dialogue is important because the topic is essential to the vitality and the health of Bethel. I would encourage you to use the tool below to help you personally asses your own growth these days. Use the tool to discuss with someone their growth. Also, what would you add to this tool? What’s missing? If you are in a small group, why not discuss this tool with your group and identify how your group helps or hinders transformation in your own life. Let me know your thoughts.


• Are you building a redemptive relationship with at least one other person who
does not know Christ?
• Are you engaged with the poor?
• Are you using your workplace as a platform for ministry? If so, how?
• How often do you interact with people of other ethnic groups?
• Do you steward your resources?
• How often in the week do you sit down and read God’s word?
• Describe your prayer life…
• Are you part of a smaller community of believers that you pray with, serve with,
study God’s word- basically doing “journey” together.

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