Friday, February 13, 2009

Touching Base! Part 27


What do the following have in common?

• Going to several doctors’ appointments in one week!
• Standing in a long line at a grocery store because only two of the ten check-out counters are open.
• Telemarketers
• Increased taxes
• Dealing with conflict
• Cramming for exams
• An early bus on the only day you are running late

They all fit into the category of “most disliked”! No one I know is looking to “up the experience quotient” in any of the above listed areas.

Another item I would add to our list is… leaders that do not listen. We have seen this in politics and in the workplace. Some leaders believe that they are wiser and smarter without collaborating with the people.

At Bethel we are working harder at listening and collaborating. We believe that there is much wisdom, insight and counsel to be gained by opening up about issues that we are working through as an elders’ team. I believe we have much to gain in enlarging the circle of discussion on various issues. I also believe that once leaders have listened, then leaders need to make prayerful decisions that will see the ministry move ahead. Collaboration without leadership results in lots of ideas but no definition, vision and direction.

Over the next several weeks, the elders will be discussing some of the issues that we as a team have been working through since September regarding our purpose, process and vision. We’ll do it in the context of small groups, leadership meetings, one-on-one coffees... Once we have met with several groups, we will be having an elders’ retreat to reflect on the input and continue to put into place the resources, structures and leadership that will help us move in the direction we believe God is leading.

We are all committed to helping Bethel reflect Christ’s agenda for His Church. This is His body, His work and His city to reach. We are stewards desiring to do the best with what He has given us! We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to lead.


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Jeannie said...

I really like this reflection. I think often the way church is set up (not necessarily Bethel but the institutional church in general) can cause leaders to feel a sense of entitlement and superiority, whereby they alone are the conduit of God's Spirit and therefore don't need to listen to other people. But of course if the church is a body, then all parts are necessary and we cannot say to one part, "I don't need you" or "I don't need to listen to you."