Thursday, November 13, 2008

Touching Base! Part 14


No doubt: at Bethel there are enough ideas and vision to keep us busy for the next century. As I talk to people, it is very obvious that many hearts are bursting with what God might want to do at Bethel, and how He could use Bethel to touch the world of which we are a part. It is exciting to realize how many people love Bethel and desire to see the church step into all God has for her.

One of the issues we have struggled with in our past is execution. Many great ideas and lots of plans, but we have at times faltered in the area of carrying out those plans. I realize that not only is Bethel vulnerable in this area but so too are many churches. For some reason plans are made, decisions noted, but then little or nothing happens. We have lots of ideas, lots of motions but have struggled in executing on those ideas.

Why is that? Why have we struggled with carrying out on decisions made, motions passed? Let me share with you some ideas on this and encourage you to pray that we would be better in the area of executing initiatives on which God wants us to step out.

  • Getting sidetracked by problems. Bethel has come through some turbulent years. God has been good and faithful to bring a lot of good out of some of the darker days. I would suggest that at times in our history those turbulent waters drained the leadership and shelved many good plans. Instead of being able to execute on vision, leadership at times were dealing with day-to-day turbulence. I think at times that the leaders, and many in the congregation, were just hanging on, trying to work through a difficult season.
  • Moving on to many fronts. One great lesson I have learned (but not always implemented) is that less is more. I think that at times in our zeal for doing God’s work, we have tried to juggle far too many balls. I believe that we would be further ahead to go slower, do fewer things and do them well. Being busy with much is not always synonymous with being effective.
  • Not having a clearly defined purpose and strategy. Purpose channels energy. Purpose is also forgotten very quickly if not repeatedly preached, spoken, and illustrated. Do you know what the purpose of Bethel is? It is to Love God Passionately and To Serve Others Significantly. It is rooted in the great commission. As we keep our purpose clear and define our strategy this will help us see what is important.

I am sure you could add your insights into why we have sometimes struggled in the area of execution. Please pray for Bethel that we would be faithful to how God speaks into our lives as leaders and congregants. I sense much excitement at Bethel these days and am glad to be a part of it. However, I realize the need to prayerfully seek God’s mind on all matters and through His strength to execute with excellence, in the context of team and in a posture of humility and prayer.


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